Old angry man

I’m glad to have finished my first digital sketch. It’s still so far of being a good, nice and cool picture, but I’ll keep working hard until I feel comfortable enough to let my hand drawing by its own (either on paper or digital). I hope you like it and feel free to give some feedback to me. Thanks for watching!


We did it again! The 3rd edition of the anual animation workshop for kids was amazing. On February 2014, we made the workshop in every elementary school of “La Bisbal d’Empordà” and “Corçà”. During an hour and a half, the kids formed groups with five components. Every one chose a role among: script writing, modeler, camera and animator. After deciding the idea and the plot, they modeled all the characters and sets of their story. When everything was modeled, I planted the camera and let them to move the characters, frame by frame, and to take a picture with the camera of every movement they made.

The video collects all the animations done during the workshop. I hope you enjoy it!